Thursday, January 15, 2009


I took this shot while I waiting for my wife to run into Food Town to pick up a few last minute groceries. I circled the parking lot [it’s what we guys do] until I found a place where parking wasn’t allowed but looked like I might get away with loitering there for a while. It happened to be in front of this scene. I often rush shots like these and for that reason usually have to live with technical issues. This one is not tack sharp and the sprocket is hot, but I like it anyway.

Tech: Panosonic Lumix Super Zoom @ 20mm, f3.6 for 1/50 at ISO100 and 26mm, Raw, AP Post Processing:Crop to Slight Pano>Dup Background>High Pass Sharpen>TA “Pyschodelic” Preset>Levels for White Point>Curves for Contrast>Merge Visible>Select Concrete>Hue/Saturation>Distort Lens Correction Vignette


Larry J. Patrick said...

Really nice shot. Your subject really stands out from the background because of the color and the repeating patterns of the background. You did a great job spotting this shot. Pretty sure that I would have walked right past it.

Barry Armer said...

Nice shot Larry!

Great colors and composition!

Your post-processing says you set the white point but did you set the black point? Seems like in the deepest shadows and somewhere on the tires there should be some black.


Larry said...

Thanks Larry.

Barry, when I set the black point I didn't like the way it effected the rest of the image. I'll have to try it again when I have more time than I had this morning and see.

Anonymous said...

Larry, is "psychodelic preset" part of some software program? I've seen this before but didn't know how to go about getting the look. I love it! Please explain the preset.

Larry said...

The Psychedelic preset is on the default settings available within "Topaz Adjust". TA is one of the excellent Photoshop plugins that Barry presented at the BAPC and is available as a download for about $39.00 - money well spent!

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