Friday, January 30, 2009

Industrial Rainbow

A temporary job assignment had me on the road for a few trips and I passed this scene on the way back from making sales calls in Northern Louisiana. This mill was located in the Northern part of the Texas Piney Woods, but I don’t remember exactly where. I spotted the arc of water in the air from a ways down the road but decided I had to stop when I spotted the rainbow.

Tech: Panosonic Lumix Super Zoom DMC-FZ50 @ 25mm, f5.0 for 1/640 at ISO100 & -1.33, Raw, AP Post Processing:Crop>Duplicate Background>Clone out Unwanted Elements>High Pass Sharpen>Curves/Brightness Adjustment Layer>Merge Visible>Lens Distortion Vignette>Topaz Adjust “Simplify”

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