Saturday, January 24, 2009

Wooden Spiral Staircase

I originally entered a black & white version of this shot in the BAPC Honors Program under the assignment heading of “High Key.” It is a naturally light and airy scene so the end result came out pretty good - judged a “Silver” if I remember correctly. I thought I would rework this color version and like the way it came out.

This staircase is on a small two story antique Federalist style house in Anahuac, TX. It is on the outside of the house leading from the first to second story porch - the only access to the second story.

Tech: Oly E-3, 12-60 Zuiko @ 12mm, f2.8 @ 1/250 and ISO 100, Aperture Priority, On Camera Fill Flash Post Processing: Duplicate Background>Levels Adjustment Layer>Curves Adjustment Layer>Merge Visible>Topaz Adjust Drama>Hue Sat Layer with Mask to Pop the Light Green Paint on the Second Story Only>Lens Distort Vignette


Anonymous said...

I liked this image a lot when you entered it for the High Key assignment. I like this version just as much, it is almost a monotone with just that touch of blue sky and some pale yellow. The perspective of this shot and all the leading lines are wonderful --- they give it a graphic, almost abstract feeling. And with those curving lines swirling around it is very close to a Fibonacci spiral, or the Golden Mean. Very nice! You should bring one of these (or the black and white) to the print swap whenever we have it.


Larry said...

Thanks Cindi. I have to admit that I don't know the two references you made, but I like the sound of them and I'll be looking them up tonight!:)

Barry Armer said...

Great shot Larry! I think you would have to include this in your top ten!