Monday, January 5, 2009

The "Patrick" Experiment 3

This shot from the Smith Point is what it is – another cows-under-a-tree shot. It’s a cliché’ but given the nature of the assignment one has to do what one can. It is a backlit scene which, when combined with the HDR processing, does produce some interesting lighting.

Tech: Oly E-3 w/ 12-60 Zuiko @ f4.5 & 60mm, 1/320th @ ISO200, Aperture Priority, Three Handheld Exposures Post Processing: Merge to HDR with Photomatix Pro>Open in CS2>Duplicate Background>TA "Color Pop">Lens Distort Vignette

1 comment:

Barry Armer said...

Nice shot Larry! This makes a good "Truly Texas" shot! I like the soft focus and muted colors.