Saturday, January 3, 2009

The "Patrick" Experiment Extrapolated

It all started with Larry Patrick’s [] December 4th Blog entry “Making Art vs. Taking Pictures.” The idea of choosing a specific somewhat random spot or area within which a series of artistic photos would be taken, forcing the photographer to see art where it is. His self imposed boundary would be 50 feet from where he sat when the idea struck. Then Barry Armer [ ]took on the assignment with his own twist, he would limit his exercise to only his desktop at work where he was sitting when he read Patrick’s aforementioned Blog entry on the subject. Shortly afterwards Shirley Pearce [ ] joined in with her version of the exercise – “Art Around the House.”

This is when I decided to join the parade! For my version of the experiment I designed a slightly more contrived plan of operation. I decided to pick a random location rather than the one before me when I became enlightened. To precede I first determined what my home’s location was in terms of latitude and longitude. I then added a half of a degree in either direction of each and plugged that information into a random number generator on the web. I generated a table from that data on each set of numbers, a single sheet of numbers for each, onto which I dropped a push-pin. I used the number that the pin pointed to in each table as my locations latitude and longitude. This did take a couple of tries! At first I didn’t realize how much difference a single degree of latitude and longitude would make. My first attempt yielded a location that was in a neighboring state, and my second attempt ended up still fairly far away – and offshore!

My final attempt yielded a workable set of coordinates which pointed to a location in Smith Point, Texas which was about 40 miles from my house and on dry land. I cheated some and before I set off to see what I had come up with, I punched the coordinates in on Goggle Earth. I could see that it was a rural area with no visible development which I had been hoping for. I really didn’t want to end up in an urban neighborhood being ogled by yard rats while shooting pictures of someone’s Oleanders!

Although the location was rural it was also fence private property with millions of mosquitoes so there were limitations. The final photos I took from the trip over were decent photos but the process of getting them was a lot of fun. FYI – the coordinates were latitude 29.665 and longitude -94.632.

Tech: Oly E-3 w/ 12-60 Zuiko @ f4.5 & 43mm, 1/200th @ ISO200, Aperture Priority, Three Handheld Exposures Post Processing: Merge to HDR with Photomatix Pro>Open in CS2>Duplicate Background>Topaz Adjust “Spicify” Preset


Barry Armer said...

Cool shot Larry!

Having the warm tones behind the fense makes the shot!

Looking forward to more shots from Smith Point!


Anonymous said...

Wow, what fun! But I really wanted to see some of those "off shore" images...and just think of all the possiblities in Lousiana (or New Mexico is even BETTER)! I do like your Spanish moss-covered tree and the fence --- the composition is interesting with the diagonal line of the tree and the horizontal lines of the fence. All the texture is very nice. This image is very "Texas" to me.

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Larry said...

Thanks Barry, Cindi, and Anonymous from China [sorry, your English is better than my Chinese!]