Saturday, January 10, 2009

Redux 2

Here's a couple I retouched according to input from the blogosphere. On the church I've rotated it level, cropped it, and set a new black point for increased contrast. On the Smith Point composite I've added curves and levels adjustments and merged into a new "Lighten" layer.


Barry Armer said...

Nice work Larry!

To me you have improved both shots!


Larry J. Patrick said...

I like both of these shots.

As Craig Tanner would say "not necessarily better, but a different look" might have been if you got ground level and shot the church and if you had used a very wide lens and got right next to the car. Both would have given you a totally different looks than you.

Both of these are good shots of interesting subjects. Your post processing is also very good.

Larry said...

Thanks Larry - Good tips as usual.