Friday, January 9, 2009

LaPorte Church

My job took me down to Bayport [a Pasadena industrial district] yesterday afternoon and on my way home I drove through nearby LaPorte and took a few pictures. This historic old church is not to far from the Sylvan Beach recreation area.

Tech: Oly E-3, 50-200 Zuiko @ 200, f7.1 @ 1/5000 and ISO 1250, Aperture Priority Post Processing: Duplicate Background>Crop>TA “Simplify”>Gradient Mask Dark to Light Top to Bottom>Curves>Levels


Anonymous said...

I like this shot, it has interesting foreground and background and I like the trees framing it. I think the black and white conversion is nice and good for this image but you might be able to find one of the channels that gives you more contrast between the grass and the foliage and the church bricks....I don't know but you could check. I think it might need a little leveling as it seems to lean to the left slightly. But very nice!


Barry Armer said...

I like the shot too Larry, but I have to agree with Cindi that something is lacking with the B&W conversion. I see you listed a levels adjustment in your post-processing. Did your levels adjustment include setting a black point (I can't see any black in the photo)? Anyway to me it seems to need some type of boost to the overall contrast.