Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Texas State Capital Interior

Apparently one of the things you get for your money when you commission a building for 3 million acres of land in remuneration is lots of details. It seems to me that you can't stand anywhere in the Texas State Capital Building in Austin, Texas where you don't spot some detail in the architecture that is a true work of art. I think a photographer could spend a week there just shooting all the detail work that went into the construction of this great historic building.


Larry J. Patrick said...

I like all the details of the capitol building. It makes you really appreciate how elegant of a building it is.

Nicely done.

Barry Armer said...

Nice job presenting some interesting details of our state capital building! My favorite is your shot of the interior dome due its composition and exposure.


Cindi said...

I really like the top one,what great details --- it would look great hanging on a wall. Truly Texas-style!

Wayne Beck said...

I like the first and last images the best. What would happen if you cropped the first picture so the star was in the extreme upper left corner?