Monday, July 20, 2009

Somewhere In New Mexico

If I wanted to go back and re-shoot this one I'd be in trouble. Most of the images I take I can remember where I was but on this one I just remember that it was somewhere in New Mexico. I guess it's and example of one of the benefits of geo-tagging.


Barry Armer said...

Nice shot Larry!

I really like the unusually shaped tree in the middle of the image and the overall triangle composition of the photo!

Well done!

Cindi said...

Usually I would not think a water tower was very interesting, but your shot of this one is! The black and white conversion has helped to simplify the elements and make the water tower stand out very well. Although I do like the triangle composition Barry mentioned, I think I also would like to see it re-composed with the tower on a 1/3 line on the left which would also give more room on the right of that great tree --- unless there was something there you were keeping out of the frame. That would create a diagonal with the tower and the tree. If you were a certain member of our photo club you would probably enhance the sky with some cloud brushes too! But it is a very nice image as is.

Anonymous said...

I'm with Cindi on the crop with the tower on the left third. I tried it both ways, to me it looked best cropped just left of that hanging tree. I would also crop up just a little from the bottom.

I like this photo. It's another one of those home town shots that remind me of my grandparents' place in Devine, TX.


Anonymous said...

I'm voting you enter this in the "breaking the rules" category for submissions. The tree helps the plain tower and while improvement could be made....smack dab in the middle ain't all bad!!

Larry J. Patrick said...

Really fine work. I see the tree as the main subject, but your composition makes me want to see more of the water tower. Really good job.