Thursday, July 23, 2009

Route 66 Horizon

There is a lot of interest along historic Route 66 heading west from Amarillo, but there is also much of the road with this same repeating view. While it's all part of the overall attraction, it's not all exactly a thrill-a-minute. It is the quintessential "open road."


Cindi said...

Great sky! You could have used one of Wayne's models here...or found the Route 66 sign to include --- that would have added something for the eye to land on. Maybe less road and more sky...maybe even put the camera down on the road for a really low angle. Where is that open horizon when you have a great sunset or something else you want to really stand out? We sure don't have that scene anywhere around here!

Anonymous said...

I really like this shot Larry. It kind of reminds me of driving through certain stretches of Nevada. It's just a nice, simple shot of something we have all experienced.

Good job, mundane or not.


Larry J. Patrick said...

After traveling to and from South Dakota, I appreciate this shot--I saw it for most of the 3,500 miles.

Good use of perspective and good capture of a most interesting sky.