Thursday, July 30, 2009

Texas House of Representatives Chamber

Well this is it - the Texas State House or Representatives Chamber at the Texas State Capital Building in Austin, Texas where each one of the chairs pictured above is filled with the fat rear end of one of our elected officials whenever Congress is in session. Whether you participate or not the House members that occupy this room, along with the Senators in the corresponding Senate Chamber, are making the decisions that impact how you live your lives! As politicians in Washington mull over how to spend a trillion plus dollars to solve a quasi "emergency" in our nations health care system (now where was that in the Constitution?) one of our Texas lawmaker's newest laws goes into effect on Saturday.

Effective September 1, the 61 page document called house bill 1831, gives local law enforcement officials the right to arrest anyone if they refuse to leave the area, should a mandatory evacuation be called. This is a sweet bill that would treat you like your were Branch Davidian David Koresh should you decide to stay home during a storm instead of risking your life on an evacuation. All this in the name of public safety and saving us from ourselves. God protect us from those that would confine us to a cradle for all our lives so that we don't have to be confronted with the challenges of real life!


Barry Armer said...

Like yesterday's post, I like the perspective on this shot. Also I like seeing our politicians not working because it seems lately that when they work we get screwed. Is there anyway we can get the feds to go home also?


Larry J. Patrick said...

After looking at all your images, I think you missed your calling: You should have been a crime scene photographer. After all this is where all the major crimes are committed on the citizens of Texas.

Think what you could do with a week in Washington, DC!