Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Field of Dreams

I had this photo on file from a trip we took to Garner State Park a year or two ago. The base image was pretty fantastical so I decided to push the image further in that direction. I used Saturation, Brightness and Contrast, Wind Blown Filter, a Solid Color Layer with Clouds filter, and various Blending Modes, Masks, and Opacity's to achieve the look.


Larry J. Patrick said...

I like the fact that you pushed the image. I think that photographers too often just record what is there rather than putting there own spin on it. I might try pushing it even further by putting a white vignette around the edges so that it might have a more dreamy look.

Good job.

Barry Armer said...

I like the overall result but I think I would like it better without the cloud layer (not sure exactly why though).

It's fun to push pics toward the surreal but don't try taking one to Honor's Night at the photo club! :-)