Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Independence Day!!!

From yesterdays San Jacinto Tea Party rally at Houston Raceway Park. We had a pretty good turnout, I would say 1500 or so, with Jim McIngvale [AKA: Mattress Mac] and Congressman Ted Poe on the card as the key note speakers. Another good event by the San Jacinto Tea Party group!


Larry J. Patrick said...

I like all three of these. For different reasons.

First one, because it looks like we have a politician wearing a tutu. Which, by the way, I think most of them should be wearing since they do not have any ______ to stand-up and do what's right for the country!

Second one, because of the dramatic lighting. I do not think you could have possible lit this one any better if you had a carload of Profoto equipment. Really good lighting.

Third one, because it makes the whole scene look more like a cartoon or pop art than a photograph. It's different, it makes you think (still above my pay grade).

Really nice job on these.

Barry Armer said...

Nice photos Larry!

My fav is the middle one (Matress Mac right?) because of the great studio quality lighting!

Well done!