Monday, June 22, 2009

Windmill At Palo Duro Canyon

This windmill and water tank stand not too far behind the amphitheater where park employees stage their famous outdoor shows at Palo Duro Canyon State Park outside of Canyon Texas.


Cindi said...

Great! I like everything about this image. What a fantastic sky, and a great iconic subject of the windmill. If anything, I wish I could see more of the water tank and the rocks and less of the bushes but they do add interest to the foreground (and I guess you didn't have your machete with you that day).I have never been to that area but hope to make it one day. Did you see the show?

Larry J. Patrick said...

I think I have seen this scene before. I believe you had the same problem I had in my shot of it--trying to find the best angle. the water tank is hard to photograph because of everything that is around it.
Good job.

Anonymous said...

Yowsers! What a great sky! I hope you have a photo of that sky with just the background mountain in it. That would be some shot. I like this but agree the bushes are a bit much for me. Wish I was there!

Barry Armer said...

Cool shot Larry!

I do wish the horizon were slanted though! :-)

This is really a beautiful shot! Love the great clouds and the mountains in addition to the water tank and windmill!

Well done!