Friday, June 26, 2009

Gone Fishing

This shot was taken at the Baytown Nature Center last weekend. I took the shot looking ahead to an upcoming BAPC assignment "Summer in Texas". I had tentatively planned on using a shot from our recent North Texas driving vacation, but apparently a computer glitch has resulted in the loss of all (3-400) of those shots! Yikes - lesson here is back-up often I suppose.


Barry Armer said...

Ouch! Sorry to hear that you lost all those trip photos. I'm going to have to add "back-up picture files" to my weekend to-do list!

Nice composition and lighting on the current shot.


Shirley Pearce said...

Yowzers! Larry, I am so guilty of not backing up timely! Sorry about the really hurts, doesn't it. I have had a hard drive crash on me with several trips not backed up.