Sunday, June 21, 2009

Caprock Bike Trail at Quitaque

This shot is of the trail head of a ten mile bike, hike, and ride trail which is an extension the Caprock Canyon trail system, part of the National Rail to Trail program. [And another slanted horizon....]


Wayne Beck said...

Larry, I am trying to learn the purpose of intentionally having a slanted horizon. I have seen other people use the technique. I don't know what the technique adds or changes. I assume that it adds some impact like any diagonal but I have never read about the technique in a book. Do you have a background with the technique which will educate me?

Larry said...

Wayne, no insights to share I'm afraid. I just like the slanted horizon on some shots because to me it helps make them less typical. I wouldn't do it on most shots, especially there is water in the shot, but every once and a while i like it.

Barry Armer said...

Cool shot Larry!

I like the slanted horizon on this one because it presents an unusual perspective. I like the scenery and the fence but not the little structure beyond the fence on the right so I would try to clone that out. And if you really want to have some fun try cloning the path all the way up through the goal post looking structure in the distance. In other words it would be cool if the trail were more visible and took your eye all the way out to the horizon.