Friday, June 12, 2009

Caprock Canyons 1_Redo

I agreed with all the comments I received on the foreground of the original version of this shot posted earlier today. Here I have attempted to address the comments by cropping the shot square, moving my fave foreground plant to the lower left side and up in the image, and adjusting the contrast of the remaining foreground with a curves adjustment. I also painted back in some highlights to try and accentuate the canyon edge.


Anonymous said...

I think this version is so much better Larry. It totally changes the impact of the photo; at least to me it does.

Great job taking the feedback and doing something with it. Whether we were right or wrong you were willing to listen with an open mind.

Good job!


Larry J. Patrick said...

Much better. I get a better feel for the distance between the various elements in the photo. I also like what you did to make the colors look a little richer. This is more how I remember the park--but, I am old and . . . what was I saying?

Barry Armer said...

Nice improvements!

Hopefully you like it better this way as well! :-)


Here's Looking at You! Photography said...

Larry, I have always wanted to go to Caprock and now I don't have to! You make me feel like I was right there with you taking this photograph. Great job on your reds and greens.

Larry said...

Thanks. I agree with all that this version is a definite improvement.