Saturday, June 20, 2009

North Texas Farmhouse

This little farmhouse is on the road somewhere between Childress and Turkey, Texas.


Wayne Beck said...

I have not had time to spend on our blogs; so today I will try to comment. I would be interested in how many people like the slanted horigon.

Cindi said...

Great sky, interesting foreground and abandoned old house backed by trees, but I also have to wonder why the horizon is slanted. I would have tried a portrait version and cut off the small trees on either side of the house, which would give you more of the field or sky, whichever you liked better. Maybe even try a closer shot with just the golden maize or wheat (?), the house, and a lot of the sky and not include the yellow flowers. Still it is an interesting subject, just the composition is somewhat puzzling, but that is easy to say for someone who wasn't at the scene.

Barry Armer said...

I think the shot has good bones but I would try straightening the horizon on this one as well. Also if you cropped up from the bottom to get rid of that first row of dirt (just leaving the flower tops) I think it would improve the composition.