Monday, June 15, 2009

Turkey Shoot

Turkey Texas was one of our favorite small towns we visited on our recent 2500 mile driving tour of Texas and Eastern New Mexico. It is an old established well preserved town with a real taste what small town Texas used to be like. It’s a time capsule of a bygone era.

As you enter town you will see this welcome sign proclaiming Turkey’s biggest claim to fame – it is the hometown of Country Western Music Hall of Fame singer Bob Will’s. Mr. Will’s and His Texas Playboys biggest hit was “New Spanish Two-Step” released in 1942 [link: ]. He passed away in 1975.

Typical in small towns you can get most of what you need downtown, no need to run to the mall or nearest Walmart. In the old CH Food Store building you'll find a cafe, general store, auto parts, and the hardware store.

While I was photographing the CH Food building this little bird landed on an iron fence across the street. I snapped a couple of quick shots with my E-3, and the too short lens I had on it, through the windshield of my car. Luckily the bird didn't wasn't too flighty so I had time to get out of the car, open the back hatch, change lenses, and still click of a few more shots.

The Turkey Hotel, built in 1927, is in operation today as a bed and breakfast. We didn't stay here on our trip [we will next time] but we did stop in for breakfast.
If your ever up in North Texas be sure to stop in on this little town.


Cindi said...

What a great silhouette shot, with a wonderful sky. I don't know...I didn't see a Starbucks or a Target in your photo journal, I don't know if I could survive in Turkey! The photos are pretty tempting though, so I just might have to pack a huge thermos and go check it out.

Larry J. Patrick said...

For some reason, I think that I have seen a place very similar to this Turkey, Texas!

Yes, indeed it is an interesting place. It is like going back to the 1950s--for me! The sign is great. You took your photo at just the right time.

This is a very good series.

Barry Armer said...

Nice shots Larry! I think my fav is the sign as well. I also like the storefront with the Turkey water tower in the background!

You need to carry around a tumbleweed to throw down in shots like these! :-)