Monday, February 23, 2009

Something Wicked This Way Comes

Another shot from the BAPC field trip to the zoo this weekend. Not exactly a flattering bird shot, but this fellow seems to warrant a different approach!

Tech: Oly E-3, Zuiko 50-200 w/1.4 Converter @ 283mm, f5.6 @ 1/400 and ISO 200 @ +1, Aperture Priority Post Processing: Adjusted Exposure, Clarity, and Saturation in Camera Raw>Opened in CS3>Duplicate Background>Levels Adjustment>Merge Visible>Black & White Adjustment Layer>Topaz Adjust “Clarity”


Barry Armer said...

Cool shot Larry!

I like the black and white treatment for this. Nice composition as well!


Larry J. Patrick said...

I cannot decide whether the lens flare or reflection bother me or not. It is interesting and it is something that I wished I would have done while at the zoo--take shots like this and see what I got.

The B&W treatment definitely adds to the photograph. Good job.

Larry said...

Thanks Barry and Larry. Larry, my first reaction to the "high contrast distracter" in the foreground was the same as yours. But the more I looked at it the more I thought it added to the mystery.

Anonymous said...

I don't remember this having Plexiglass in front. I seem to remember it was all cage wire. It was just difficult to focus past it. I have one that almost removed it, but it's still there.

I was looking for a similar backlit effect Larry but it wasn't going to happen, given the exposure latitude required. Of course there are ways to combat it but I was shooting handheld.