Thursday, February 12, 2009

Fixxer Upper

Another old truck, this one was taken on our trip to LaJitas just outside of Big Bend National Park in West Texas last summer. We came across this truck while on a guided jeep trip up LaJitas Mountain in an area heavily mined for “quick silver” [mercury] at the turn of the last century. The old hand built stone building in the background would have been used as company store, a place where the thousands of mine workers would have been forced to trade their pay markers in for over priced goods from the mine owners. The circumstances leading to the truck winding up where it did would be anybodies guess.

Tech: Oly E-3, Zuiko 50-200 w/1.4 Converter @ 50mm, f6.3 @ 1/6400 and ISO 1250,-0.3, Aperture Priority Post Processing: Camera Raw: Crop>Clarity>Saturation>Convert to Grayscale >CS3: Duplicate Background> Levels Adjustment>Curves Adjustment Layer>Merge Visible>Mask Truck and Brighten Background w/Curves>Merge Visible>Copy Truck Mask>Add Diffuse Glow @ 57%>Add Solid Color [Black]Layer>Erase Center to Create Vignette @36%

1 comment:

Barry Armer said...

Nice shot Larry!

There is a really cool textural and tonal contrast between the truck and the foreground and background!

Well done!