Friday, February 20, 2009


I shot this "ultimate socialist mobile home" while on a 2007 phoot field trip in the Montrose area of Houston. It occurs to me now that this is the new American Dream in the eyes of President Obama and sidekicks Nancy Pelosi and Barney Frank. The contents of this cart could provide the level of housing that the current administration would like for all Americans, excluding the ruling class of course. I'm sure many Cubans, North Korean's, and Red Chinese would be envious of such accomodations. The government could provide them at a cost of 20 - 30,000 dollars a pop, finance them through Fannie and Freddie, steal or waste 30% of the cost, and then force working folks to pay for the program. And the best part is all the components are already up and running!

As President Obama said in a speach earlier this week "this is the beginning of the end", unless true patriots speak up. God Bless America.

Tech: Panosonic Lumix Super Zoom DMC-FZ50 @ 88mm, f6.3 for 1/100 at ISO100, Raw, AP

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Larry J. Patrick said...

This is all that I have left after our new president has begun his program of "helping me help others." I must admit, you made my shopping cart look a little better than it really looks. Even though it does not look that "good", it does handle very well and it is GREEN!

PS--I do not remember signing a property release on this.