Thursday, February 26, 2009

My Favorite Primates

These guys were my favorite primates, and maybe animals overall, at the Houston Zoo. However this was definetly not my favorite picture. It thought these guys had tons of potential for photographing not just from their playfull nature but also fromt he angular ropes, bamboo background, enclosure, etc.. However I also thought they had the worst fencing for shooting through. I was curious if anyone had a any luck shooting through or around the fence at this exhibit? Maybe an "Acme Fence Elimination" plugin, or magic lens?


Larry J. Patrick said...

I sat and watched these guys for a while but never took any photos. Good job

Barry Armer said...

I didn't even try any shots here due to the very small openings in the fence. You'd think it would be possible to have one opening in the fence large enough for a lens. You did a good job to get any shot at all from here!