Wednesday, February 18, 2009

CLM Followup

Thanks for your comments Doug, Larry, and Barry.

FYI Doug and Larry, here are copies of the original shot as well as the B&W conversion.


Barry Armer said...

Black and White is my fav of the three!

Nice shot!

Anonymous said...

After seeing the color shot I can see why you felt you had to do something to it. It just didn't have any "pop" to it. I really do like the B&W one. It's much better than the "Hulk" version.

Thanks for giving us a choice of versions from which to choose.


Larry J. Patrick said...

I agree with the other two; this is a natural for balck and white. I might really try to push the contrast on this one.

Anonymous said...

I think Larry P. is on to something here. The B&W is the obvious choice of all three photos but it could use a little more contrast. I think that would give it an "edgier" (is that a word?) look.