Wednesday, February 24, 2010

San Jacinto Hospital Baytown

Taken this past weekend on the Baytown Photo Club's field trip, this shot is of the old San Jacinto Memorial Hospital on Decker Drive in Baytown, Texas. I'm not sure how long the hospital was in operation but I know my twin brother and I were born there in June of 1958 and my late wife passed away there in October of 1999. During that time the top story , or maybe two, was added and the hospitals role in the community changed from decade to decade.


Doug Haass said...

This certainly has an ominous feel to it! Looks like it could be used for a horror movie now. If you were trying for a dark, moody look, you did it.

One question: What is the seemingly out of focus movement in the bricks across the top of the photo? Is that some type of motion blur created in PS?

Wayne Beck said...

Your connection with the building adds meaning for you. These kinds of photographs are the ones which will have meaning for other family members, also.

Anonymous said...

is that place haunted