Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Jilted Bride

Last night's Bay Area Photo Club of Clear Lake's "Honors Night" assignment was "Surreal Composite" and my entry here was awarded a Silver from the panel of judges. This image is a composite of seven separate images and was the result of working through 3 to 4 other "final" versions.


Cindi said...

Very creative! Something about this image gives me an "Edgar Allan Poe" feeling but I'm not sure why. Your explanation of what you combined, Photoshopped, etc is pretty amazing. There are so many interesting elements and they leave me intrigued, wondering what it all means, including the title (I do get that the mannequin at the top represents the bride, but the tower theme makes me think more of an imprisoned princess). I'm with Shirley in that now I want to go and see this place in person, I want to see what you saw that caused you to create such an intriguing composite.

Larry J. Patrick said...

Good job making everyone think about a photo. Cindi nailed it--Edgar Allan Poe.

David A. said...

Just wanted to keep looking at your photo. My imagination was jumping all over the place. I would like to see Steven King take it and turn it into a book. Great Job!