Tuesday, February 16, 2010

BNC Pelican in Flight

This shot, and yesterdays, were both taken with my newest lens last weekend. I've added the Sigma 50-500 "poor man's" superzoom to my bag of tricks. This lens, commonly know as the "Bigma", has been around [with a few updates] for around 8-10 years best I can tell. On my E-3 2 to 1 crop camera with a 1.4 tele-converter I should net a theoretical 1400MM 35MM equivalency. I don't expect this to actually pan out but I am hoping for some added flexibility to my shooting.


Barry Armer said...

Nice shot Larry! I like the top lighting and that you were able to get the face in very sharp focus.

Well done!

Doug Haass said...

Now all you need is the Better Beamer and you're set! Nice job capturing the bird in flight. If you are going to include a background with your subject, opening up the DOF helps separate them as you did here.

If they are the same tone or color it is more difficult to pull off. You still have to be careful of branches and objects in the photo that come out of the head and distract from the main point of your subject, typically a sharply focused eye. It will take practice to do all these things at one time. I'm still learning to do it myself, so I applaud how far you have come in your bird photography in such a short time.