Sunday, April 19, 2009


This shot will conclude my images and comments from the Baytown TEA Party. In this shot a young girl and her mom [I presume] are trying to figure out how to work a megaphone. To me this is a good example of how the whole rally went. Not that the organization was bad, but I’m convinced most of the protesters on hand were first-timers, like my wife and I. It took some effort on a lot of people’s part, including mine, to temporarily merge into this group and learn what it’s like to participate in this type of an activist event. One could imagine that if the protest would have been organized by the other side, pro socialism vs. this pro capitalism, that the crowd that showed up would have be much the opposite – more like the rent-a-mob mostly college age rabble rousers you’re accustomed to seeing.

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Barry Armer said...

Nice group of shots fron the TEA Party Larry. I was dissapointed that I didn't have time to attend but your photos give a good indication of what it was like!

Well done!