Wednesday, April 8, 2009

High Lineman

Here's a shot I took from my parked car at work on my lunch break the other day. [Whataburger, Rush on the radio, and a photo op! Life doesn't get any better, right?] I decided to take some inspiration from last nights Textures demo by BAPC "Photog of the Year" Steve Schuenke to kick it up a notch. Hope ya'll like it.


Barry Armer said...

Cool use of texture! Kudo's for gett'in er done so quickly after the BAPC tutorial last night!

I like the composition and the use of texture but I think it might be improved by bringing up the brightness on your main subject a tad to make him pop from the background.


Anonymous said...

I'm with Barry on all counts. Looked at the photo before Barry's comment and I have to agree about bringing up the exposure or placing a little more light on the worker.

Really good job though.


Steve Schuenke said...

I kind of like the silhouette. I'm thinking just the opposite - maybe leave the lineman silhouetted and bring up the background around him a little more but leave it dark just on the edge. Nice work!

Anonymous said...

I like the silhouette here too --- it makes it look like he is welding something and sparks are flying everywhere. You are a fast learner! Good use of texture, it makes an interesting effect.


Anonymous said...

If it was a full silhouette I would agree but, it's not. The structure is in silhouette, not the whole welder.

He does deserve kudos for picking up on the effect so soon after Steve's demo.


Larry said...

Thanks for the comments. I'll try some of the tips and post the results later and see what everyone thinks.

Larry J. Patrick said...

It does not matter what everyone else thinks. What do you want the photo to be about? Steve said two very important things (he said more, but I will only quote two): trust your own instincts (because only you know what the photo is really about); and, make the texture, edge, etc play a supporting role, not the lead character in your image.

If I am trying to climb into your head, I would say that this photo is about the welding and the light that it is generating. The man and the background is the supporting cast. If that is the case, I think you have done a really nice job showing us "the light."

Good work on both the photo and the texture.