Saturday, April 18, 2009


By now it’s pretty obvious how the mainstream media under-covered and underreported the tax revolt TEA Parties on April 15. I’d expected as much in terms of national coverage but was surprised to see these liberal biases at the local level. I didn’t see much on the event on local TV and the hometown Baytown Sun gave about as much coverage on Friday to a gun law protest by 300 UT students in Austin as they did to the 500 citizens in there own city. While I would say that the students protest was newsworthy, the Baytown TEA Party was part of an historic national effort with terrific local participation by the most unlikely, motivated, and non-typical protesters you’re ever likely to come across. One would have expected much more coverage on the event from unbiased reporting.

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Larry J. Patrick said...

Larry, Larry, Larry. You expect the news media to report on something that is not in their "News Template"? How do you get such ideas? I think that you need to sit down, relax and take a big drink of "the" cool-aide.

Nice shot, but more importantly, nice reporting. I think people are starting to see how the news is reported and our local papers and TV stations are becoming less and less significant with each passing day.

Good job.