Friday, April 24, 2009

Battlehsip Texas 4

Every available inch of the interior decks of the Battleship Texas not dedicated to other vital functions of the ship was used for bunks for the ships crew. If there wasn't room to cram in a stack of bunks then fittings would be installed to hang hammocks from. In this nook 16 sailors would have shared accomodations. [Those "matresses" are made of webbing stretched around a pipe frame and the 4-high stack of bunks are spaced no more than 24" apart.]
I would imagine that these sailors would have been thrilled to have accomodations as luxurious as the muderers at Club Gitmo enjoy today.


Barry Armer said...

Cool shot Larry!

I love the rhythm and geometric lines of the rows and stacks of bunks. Nice POV and black and white conversion as well!

Well done!

Anonymous said...

I had no idea they swayed to the rhythm of the band in the bunkhouse! Informative and I like the graphic lines. Claustrophobic...but graphic. I like the B& it a sense of history.