Friday, April 17, 2009


Another shot from April 15th’s Baytown “TEA Party”, this one happens to be of my wife Dianne. As mentioned in my last post, it was her first protest as well. There were people at the protest from as young as 3 to as experienced as 80. I’m sure in any group of 500 you could find a trouble maker, but it he/she was there on this day I couldn’t find them. This was such a well behaved group of people [no inappropriate chant’s, no foul language, no unbridled hatred, even very few signs with anyone’s name on them –yesterday’s post was the only one I saw] that it’s a little strange to even refer to these TEA Parties as “protest.” People even took any trash they brought with them away when they left leaving the parking lot clean. Very good behavior from our side – as you would expect from a mostly conservative group.

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Larry J. Patrick said...

You should not be publishing these photos. Homeland Security will probably be looking them over, very carefully.

I think you did a good job capturing the moment here.