Thursday, May 13, 2010

Swamp Buffalo

This was my second entry in Tuesday nights BAPC Honors Night assignment "Low Key." I got this shot on the BAPC field trip to the Brenham area last month. I like the shot a lot, although I don't think it would have been usable in any other category but Low Key. It's a better than 50% crop from my 10MP Oly E-3 and, at the 12" X 12" size I presented, the image was only 67DPI! Normally the resolution wouldn't hunt but here I think it works.


Doug Haass said...

Though there is not much resolution I like the photo. It just appeals to me.

Larry J. Patrick said...

A very striking photo. One that you would look at, walk away and then come back and look at it again. The combination of low key and high contrast make this photo. Glad you made it B&W.

David A. said...

Well here I am looking again. Larry said it "then come back and look again". Yes, taking from Doug "It just appeals to me". Well done, would like to come across a picture like this framed.