Thursday, May 6, 2010

Pesky Problem

Here's another version with a white point set on the paper tag on the fence. [ 5/9]

I spotted this poor fellow on the BAPC field trip to the Brenham area last month. Looks to me like he could use a good dusting to help control his pesky entourage!


Barry Armer said...

Wow! Interesting shot! I don't remember ever seeing anything like that before.

The shot looks a couple of stops underexposed on my monitor. You might try picking that small scrap of paper on the fence as your white point for a levels adjustment to see if that brightens it up any.

Nice capture at any rate!


Larry said...

That's what Cindy always says! I think everybody but me needs to calibrate their monitors! :)

Larry J. Patrick said...

I like that approach--I'm OK, but the rest of the world needs to _________ (fill in blank). Interesting shot. I am glad he had the "entourage" and I didn't have it.

Doug Haass said...

Larry, you know I'm always saying you're 1 stop under. That's based on taking your shots into Lightroom 2 and checking the white point in the histogram.

I loved the shot and with 1 stop more exposure it really pops.

Barry Armer said...

The "new" version is an improvement IMO.

Still a great shot!