Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Harlie Girl 3

This was one of my shots at last night's Bay Area Photo Club "Honors Night" program. I entered this shot in the "assignment" category of "Low Key." Up until a hour before the program, when I matted this image for presentation, I considered this my "B" shot. At the end of the day however I ended up liking this more than my other entry [see here tomorrow.]

I shot this handheld with my 30 MM f1.4 lens mounted on my Oly E-3 at F2 and ISO400 and a shutter speed of .3 seconds by late evening window light.


Cindi said...

I like this one too --- I wish I could have claimed it was my shot! I think you have the same problems I do with monitor luminosity though, because this image on my screen is probably about a stop too dark, even for Low Key --- I cannot see any detail except her curly fur on her ear on the left and since I saw it in person I know it isn't that dark. Also I wish there was just a little more room on the right, around her nose. But this is an image I would want to hang on my wall, it is a classic. A beautiful photograph of a darling dog.

Larry J. Patrick said...

As I said last night, low key to me is both darker tones throughout the image and a subject matter that seems to fit with a low key approach. I think this one fits both criteria.

I also think that what details are brought forward and how dark a photograph is presented is totally an artistic call--you are the only one that can determine what you want. That being said, a little more detail in the image might make it a little more interesting image.

Really good work. Like Cindi, I also wished it was one of mine.

Wayne Beck said...

I thought that this image deserved a better evaluation. If you keep it for general purposes, I might make it just a little brighter.

Neal Kelsoe said...


I must say that this was my choice for low key. I did not hear the score but I was disappointed that it did not get a gold. In my minds eye this is what low key is all about. Good Work!