Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Baytown Eagle Chic

Approximately 10-12 weeks ago a mating pair of American Bald Eagles became the parents of two chicks. Last Sunday my wife and I watched this one stretching it's wings. It hadn't flown yet but we watched it jump up and hoover in place above it nest several times so it won't be long! FYI: Juvenile Bald Eagles can take up to five years to develop their characteristic white feathers and can expect a life span in the wild of up to 30 years.


Doug Haass said...

Exposure of the overall scene is right on the mark. I don't know if a Better Beamer will throw light that far or not, to add a little fill and maybe stop the action a little better, unless you wanted the blur to show motion. These birds have surely been an attention getter since the word got out about them.

Barry Armer said...

Looks like a pretty big bird to be a "chick"! :-)

I like the composition and the blue sky against the green of the trees.

Well done!