Monday, March 1, 2010

"Ol Reliable

After missing my most dependable subject for the last few weeks I spotted "my" Osprey back out at the Baytown Nature Center this weekend.


Barry Armer said...

Nice shot Larry!

The sharp details of your subject stand out nicely against the pleasing OOF background!

Nice composition as well.


Cindi said...

Very nice! The shallow depth of field really makes her/him pop wonderfully and you got a perfect profile. The fish seems to be saying "Save me!". An osprey flew over me in Friendswood a couple of days ago... there is always interesting birds at our pond when I walk with my 3 dogs and have no hands left for a camera but the place is completely empty when I head over there prepared. said...

Terrie and I watched one, maybe this one (yours), this morning and while I was ready with camera and field glassed he went south!Before this I released all 14 of our white pigeons hoping for a real dog fight in mid air but he didn't budge . They flew round and round over his head? He wanted fish I guess.They usually have little problem out flying him though as I have seen him try to get one to no avail.