Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Harlie and Tucker_2

Two of our dogs, "Harlie" the Cocker and "Tucker" the Schnauzer, chillin' while they soak up some rays.


Cindi said...

Awwwww, very cute! I love the alert expression you caught on Tucker --- look at his ears! Harlie is pretty dark on my monitor (and Tucker's chin) and I had trouble locating him at first! But I like your composition and I like the simple lines of the furniture and the blinds.

Barry Armer said...

I'm surprised you could even get Tucker to sit still long enough to take a photo! :-)

Nice composition and use of available light!


Larry J. Patrick said...

Better than any pet portrait that I have ever done. I can never seem to get the composition and expression of the pet to match. You did. The only two things that I might consider doing on this one is cropping out some of the darkness at the bottom and slightly opening up some of the shadows.

Really fine work.