Monday, March 22, 2010

Hope and Change

Last night the House voted to pass the Senate health care bill in spite of it's overwhelming opposition by the American people. This doesn't mean it's over yet there are still legislative hurtles and pending law suits that could save the American people from this hideous legislation. Legislation that scraps health care for the 85% of Americans that are satisfied with their current insurance [and 100% of the working people] in an effort to accelerate redistribution of wealth from the people who produce it to the alcoholics, drug addicts, illegal aliens, and people that for whatever reason simply don't want it. Their goals here are about 95% pure evil and range from growing a permanent government-dependent class [read Democrats] and punishing achievement to government funded abortion and the remaking of America into the socialist nation in Obama's image that he promised in his campaign. Oh yea, and at least about 5% of the motivation for this unilateral push is for health care reform [notice I didn't say improvement.] Then there is the $2.4 Trillion dollar price tag. If you voted for this man-child community organizer I have one question for you: HOW'S THAT HOPE AND CHANGE WORKING OUT FOR YOU?


Larry J. Patrick said...

I have never been happier! I will never again worry about paying my mortgage, putting gas in my car, or now, having fully paid health care. I now have a hope, change and a depleted 401(k)--live is good.

Doug Haass said...

Don't forget no prescriptions from your previous employer. We need to save them money you know.