Monday, March 29, 2010

Baytown Eagle_3

I swung by the Bald Eagles nest in Baytown Friday evening and took a few more shots. As my wife and I arrived I saw so many large lens equipped photographers grouped together that it reminded me of the view over the bow of the Battleship Texas! It's nice to see that after at least three years interest in these majestic birds is still holding strong.


Barry Armer said...

Beautiful shot Larry! Great light on the eagles head and beautiful composition with the moon in the background!

Well done!

David A. said...

I like how you put it together. I take it as a sun set in his face with a nice touch of the moon rising in the back. How is that new lens?

Larry said...

Thanks Barry and David. The "Bigma" 50-500 is working out quite well. For the price I am completely satisfied with it. I am liking the veratility, sharpness, and bokeh it is producing. Of course it slow, but all in all I would recommend it.

Matt said...

Awsome picture Larry, there was a bald eagles nest in Orlando right before I moved to Houston I lucked out as well with the moon on but never quite got the color to balance out as the sun also turned there heads very orangey red. If you don't mind me asking...where is this? I keep hearing 'on a golf course' or near one in baytown but was going to go searching for it this weekend. Google brought you up :)