Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Triple Posterior Cervical Discectomy

Well here's the BEFORE and AFTER. Besides the obvious difference in quality between the MRI [top] and the X-RAY [bottom] there are other obvious differences. Chiefest among them is the addition of brand new shiny titanium plate and screws. Also visible, but less obvious, is the substitution of cadaver bones for the three included disc. In the X-RAY you can see that the fusion of old bone and new [so to speak] bone is underway. As of yesterday I am officially out of my cervical collar and back behind the wheel! It's all good....


Barry Armer said...

Congrats on getting free of the soft cast and getting the OK to drive again!

I think installation of a titanium plate like this one is how Wolverine got started! :-)


Anonymous said...


Great to see you back in action. I am anxiously awaiting your first blog post after the next time you try to get passed airport security! Think Amtrack.

Bob Dempsey

Larry said...

Thanks Barry and Bob. The only problem with the titanium implant is that now when they use the microwave I pick up old episodes of "The Love Connection" in my head. Get out of my head Chuck Woolery!!

Doug Haass said...

Congratulations on your recovery Larry. I know you still have a little way to go, but it should be better sailing ahead.