Monday, December 14, 2009

Picture and a Poem

I work for a PVF master distributor in Houston at one of the companies eight branches. We are a small company overall, the Houston branch is one of the two largest with about twenty employees. Last Friday we had two great guys retire that had just over twenty years a piece with the company. It was quite an experience and, when you think about the odds, one that's not likely to be repeated. To commemorate the occasion I gleaned the following poem.


Here's to two men twenty years on the job
Working hard for Rene, Ron, and Rob.
They come in early, work hard, and stay late
Till beer-thirty calls and they have to vacate.

George works the inventory receiving freight at the dock
He counts it, corrects it, and puts it in stock.
And if he has time then two times a day
He feeds his pigeons and goes back on his way.

James guides the warehouse like a captain steers a ship
While he manages with a smile and a crack of the whip.
He's the go-to guy if your order needs a fix
And he'll always help you from his bag of tricks.

When both of them leave and 40 years hit the door
We'll miss there experience , but we'll miss much more.
Experience over time will return I told
But men like George and James are rarer than Gold.

1 comment:

Barry Armer said...

Nice job on the photo and on the poem!

I like the composition of the photo and you did a nice job of keeping your main subjects (two men and the cake) in focus.

Well done!