Friday, December 11, 2009

Headache Ball and Block

Keeping with yesterday's industrial theme, I shot this headache ball and block on a mobile crane that was doing some work in Baytown a while back. I don't know why but I like the subject as a still life study.


Cindi said...

I kind of hate to ask this, but why is it called a headache ball? Great smooth background and very graphic subjects, but pretty dark on my monitor. I think a levels or curves adjustment would show the detail better and if the sky gets too bright for you then you can use the mask to bring it back down.

Barry Armer said...

I agree with Cindi that the basic shot is a keeper but the photo is too dark to hold my interest. There's probalby 50 ways to lighten it up using Photoshop. This might be a fun shot to render some lighting effects on.


Anonymous said...

From my old construction days, I believe that the headache ball is so named because it is thought of as a significant head knocking hazard. Of course, I now remember things that my mind imagined many years ago, so that might not be the real reason - but the most colorful.

Bob Dempsey