Thursday, December 10, 2009

Men at Work

Some number of months ago the Dairy Queen at the corner of Texas Avenue and Alexander Drive in Baytown was accidentally burned down while a new roof was being installed. I'm not sure how long the building had been there but I've lived in Baytown all my life and I remember it there at least as long as I've been driving. After sitting for a while reconstruction is now underway. It's always good to see businesses rebound after a setback like this, it makes you feel like it's springtime in the winter!


Doug Haass said...

Considering how busy that environment looks you've done a nice job isolating the two men. I like the small amount of light hitting both of them in the face, especially the one standing up. That bit of light coming in under the hat works well for me and the photo.

Wayne Beck said...

Did you mean to capture the level in that position?

Larry J. Patrick said...

Very moody photo. The lighting is quite different.