Thursday, October 1, 2009

Wallisville Swamp_3

This completes my shots from this weekends quick trip to the Wallisville Bird Sanctuary.


Barry Armer said...

This is an interesting shot but it doesn't have a lot of impact with me. Hard to say exactly why but possibly because the large almost white pedal area seems flat. I do like that the leaf and the water droplets on it are in the portion of the photo that is in clear focus. Good planning to have that leaf in the same focal plane as the pistil (anyway I think that's the correct term for the uppermost part in the middle).


Cindi said...

This flower has a lot of potential --- I even like the tiny dew drops on the petals --- but I think the shadows are distracting across the texture of the white petals. I really like to shoot flowers in the shade, especially white ones because I seem to blow the highlights easily which you did not do here. Did you try turning the flower and shooting with the sun shining through it, backlit? Or you can shade it with your body or someone else, or try again on an overcast day. This flower would look great in high-contrast black and white if you could get an angle that better shows the ridges in the petals and all the detail in the pistil(?) (stamen?). Like Barry said, I like that little bit of leaf poking out and the background is nicely out of focus.