Friday, October 30, 2009

Renaissance Festival_5

I thought these two characters where the creepiest at the festival. Not just because of their elaborate costumes, but also because they seemed to be just a little bit too much into characters.


Barry Armer said...

Ooops...we posted the same characters today! Mine are more close up though (because of using the 50mm prime). Interesting to see how just the different composition makes the shots so different.

I like your shot of the two together better (I couldn't get them in the same frame with the 50).

Well done!

Doug Haass said...

Nice use of HDR to make it gritty looking. Not that they needed anything to look gritty. I still think the guy Barry shot with the fangs takes the ribbon.

Larry J. Patrick said...

I usually do not like many portraits taken at the Renaissance Festival that includes this much background. I find the background is usually too busy. However, here, the background works and adds to the overall image. Good job.