Friday, October 9, 2009

BNC Osprey Redux

I wanted to take another stab at this shot of an Osprey that I took this weekend at the Baytown Nature Center and posted earlier this week. When I posted the earlier version I had just switched to a new computer and didn't have access to Photoshop. Now that I do I've gone back in and done some additional work to the file. While Photoshop can't make up for a lack of lens, this shot is about a 30% crop of the original RAW image, I think the new file is considerably better.


Wayne Beck said...

The new image brings more of the focus to the bird. The color adds to the picture.

Larry J. Patrick said...

I like the peaceful quality to this image. And, even though it is not "right" thing to do, I like the way the bird is looking off into frame. I think that adds a little mystery to the photo. Good job.

Barry Armer said...

100% better than the "non-Photoshop" version! I love the warm and cool tones in the sky on this version. Nice job on the processing!


Anonymous said...

Nice job on this one, but I think you have a little more room to bring it out even more. I sent you an email about it.

I don't have a problem with the osprey looking at the far edge. It's far enough back where it's not just dead headed on that side.

I'm with Barry on the tones and colors in the photo. Want to go with me and try my 500mm to get closer? It gets addictive once you shoot with it. Your wife will probably kill me for offering. Prices have gone up twice since I bought mine, and not just a little.