Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Renaissance Festival_2

Also from this weekends field trip to the Renaissance Festival, this store keeper was kind enough to allow my brother and I to photograph her.


Larry J. Patrick said...

Very nice lighting and great simple background that helps set her off. Fine portrait.

Barry Armer said...

Beautiful shot of a beautiful subject!

Well done!

Cindi said...

Larry P, I am surprised you don't recognize her --- she was the Hawaiian Girl from last year. She is just as beautiful here. Great soft lighting. The background is a little distracting for me, but it does tell you where she works. And I am not sure if that jewelry or the clothing exactly says "Renaissance Festival" but the photographer has no control over what the subject is wearing in this instance. Even with those distractions you have still made a nice portrait.

Anonymous said...

Nice light on your subject Larry. Pleasing composition.


Steve Schuenke said...

Yes, I remember her from last year too. I tend to agree with Cindi, maybe the background is a bit too in focus. There are those software packages out there that allow you to add selective focus and bokeh, this might be a good candidate. But lovely portrait of a lovely lady as is.