Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Roseate Spoonbills

Until Sunday, out of all the trips I've made out to the Baytown Nature Center to take photographs, I had never come across any Spoonbills. My luck changed this past Sunday, at about mid-morning, after I decided to drive out there and see if I could spot any photo ops. Not far into the trip I spotted the small flock of Spoonbills hanging out in a tidal pond not too far inside the entrance to the park. I was certainly pleased to have the opportunity to photograph these beautiful birds, especially on a morning shoot I started to pass up due to the time of day!


Barry Armer said...

Nice shot Larry!

The subtle colors contribute to the peaceful mood of the photo!

Well done!

Larry J. Patrick said...


I have never seen this many spoonbills together--of course, I really do not go hunting for them!

The subtle colors seem to fit the subjects very well.

Nice job.

CG TTL said...

Very nice. The pink and green colors work well together.

I like the reflections on the water and the serene mood.

What lens did you use? And how far away were you?


Larry said...

Thanks Barry, Larry, and Charlie. Charlie - I was using a 50-200 w/ 1.4 tele converter from about 40 feet away. Most of that distance was water or I think I could have gotten closer - they didn't seem to skittish.