Sunday, August 2, 2009

BNC Bee 2

OK, I guess it's official now - the Baytown Nature Center on Bayway Drive [the old Brownwood subdivision] in Baytown has developed into my defacto go-to location for grabbing shots. Seems like I can always find something there to shoot.


Barry Armer said...

Cool shot Larry!

I think I'm actually more interested in the unusual flower than in the bee. If (when) you go back to BNC grab a few shots featuring this flower without the bee!


Anonymous said...

I believe this is called a button bush. I was out at Sheldon Lake State Park the other day and they had some plants labeled as such. Same bumblebees were on it too. They must hire out.


Cindi said...

Great shot and composition. The flowers are interesting in themselves but the bee adds to the image. I like how there are parts of other flowers coming in along the edges, they make my eye travel all around the frame.